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Numerous sections of the community oppose the leasing and development of Killalea State Park. This includes a proposal for 202 lodges in 3 areas of the park as well as tennis court, swimming pool, restaurant/cafe, and function centre for each of the three areas.

* A coalition of community groups exists to oppose possible development. You can join the opposition to leasing and development of the park by completing the following submission and petition.


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Department of Planning (NSW) & Shellharbour Council,,


I wish to lodge an official submission toward the expected exhibition/submission period now, due to the short time period that will be allowed for the exhibition/submission deadline. More objections and/or detail may follow.

The Development Agreement signed by two of the Trust’s members and the developer allows for up to 202 lodges, tennis courts, pools, gyms, function centres, restaurants and cafes. Three areas of the park are to be developed for this purpose including the ridge overlooking Killalea Beach (identified as ‘The Farm’).

Objections to proposed development at Killalea State Park include the following:
• The Development Agreement noted above meant that the parties, which included the Trust, were contracted to act in co-operation with each other to facilitate the performance of the project by the developer (pg. 2 Development Agreement). It is unclear how this would be in the best interest of the park or the community.
• The parks Plan of Management (POM) itself stated that the park has ‘important natural, cultural, recreational, educational and scenic values’: pg. 2. This includes SEPP 14 protected wetlands. Development will compromise this.
• The Plan of Management further states that ‘As the population of Shellharbour increases, Killalea State Park will become an important open space resource which will serve the local population as well as visitors to the area’. Development will compromise this.
• The Plan of Management (POM) also states ‘The Primary Role of Killalea State Park is to: Provide for a variety of recreation and nature study opportunities, primarily day use but with some camping and low key accommodation, consistent with protection and enhancement of natural, cultural and scenic values’ (pg. 2). Plans for development were then promoted through an Addendum to the POM as well as a Development Agreement allowing up to 202 lodges. This appears inconsistent with the POM and the park’s primary role.
• The Addendum to the Plan of Management (POM) appears to be triggered by two major events:
1. Shellharbour Council changed the permissible uses to the majority of the park to allow for tourist facilities paving the way for the type of development the park is now confronted with. Investigations last year could not find why this occurred or whether it was a fully considered decision.
2. The Minister for Land’s wish for the management of the Trust to become more entrepreneurial and financially self sufficient. Mr Gilmore (Trust member) was widely reported as stating prior to the Addendum that ‘the trust had no intention of allowing inappropriate development’..but...’The bottom line is that we need to generate income so that we can properly look after the park’: Kiama Independent, 11 Dec 2002. How could the natural/cultural/recreational/educational/scenic significance of the park, and its protection, be genuinely considered under such conditions?
• Genuine public consultation for the proposal has still not occurred to date. The advertisement for the Addendum did not provide any notice of proposed development at the park. The suggested Dec 2002 meeting still appears to have been by invitation only. Further suggested consultation only related to commenting on the design of the plans rather than accepting full opposition to it.
• Over 15,000 signatures were collected opposing the leasing and development of the park. Even the IRIS survey, commissioned by the developer, found over half of the respondents opposed proposed development at the park and that 80% of those people could not see any circumstances under which they would change their opinion: pg. ii.
• Concern exists regarding the integrity of the decision making process due to significant political donations already made.





MAIL BACK TO: Illawarra Community and Environment Connection (ICEC), P.O. BOX 310, ALBION PARK, NSW 2527


C/o P.O. Box 310, Albion Park NSW 2527/Mob: 0407910029

To the honourable president and members of the legislative council of New South Wales. This petition of the citizens of New South Wales brings to the attention of the house the serious matter of development at Killalea State Park.

The undersigned petitioners ask the Legislative Council to convey our objection, to the Minister for Lands and the Minister for Planning, to multiple parts of Killalea State Park being leased to private interests for 52 years to undertake a major accommodation development in a public park.





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